I offer group classes, private, semi-private and corporate classes. I offer Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, HIIT, Low Impact, Weight Training and specialized programs. My focus is to bring accessibility to all of my students, at all levels.


Low Impact

Mondays, Wednesday, Friday
8:30am – 9:30am

This class is for all levels of fitness. We work on strength, balance and cardio. It is a mixture of weights, yoga, step, HIIT and body weight. This is a perfect class for those who want a challenging workout without the high impact.


Tuesdays, Thursdays
7pm – 7:45pm

This is a no holds barred HIIT class. We will use short high bursts of training, accompanied by little rest. All manner of exercises and equipment will be used in this class. It is very high intensity and does included high impact movements.

CSV Yoga

My Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga classes are offered to all levels. I offer Private, Semi-Private, Corporate and Group classes. I teach in the Core Strength Vinyasa style. Core Strength Vinyasa classes utilize functional movement to insure a safe and focused practice.

Private Training

I offer Private Training by appointment. We will work together to create an effective exercise program to accomplish your personal fitness goals.


Corporate Training

I offer Corporate Yoga and Corporate Fitness programs. Please contact me for details.

Online Personal Training

Sometimes our busy schedules make getting to the gym very difficult. Or maybe you need a little motivation to work out at home? I offer online training services and programs that allow you to take control of your fitness needs.

Semi Private

I offer Semi Private group training by appointment. Whether you would like a special Yoga practice or a fitness weekend make it tailored to you!